International Law research group


This Group aims to publish well-established well-known respectable journals in Public International Law.


Members of the group

  1. Professor. Waleed Fouad Mahameed.
  2. Associate professor. Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal.
  3. Assistant Professor. Jamal Barafi.


Group’s Research Interests

The International Law Research Group aims to prepare research papers in all aspects of public international law and publish it in respected and classified International Law journals.


Selected Research

  1. The Legal Impact of the Lack of a Theoretical Definition of Terrorism Towards Rights Enshrined in The Charter of the United Nations, Prof. Waleed Mahameed, Dr. Jamal Barafi, May 2019, The Lawyer Quarterly, Vol 1, No 2, 2019
  2. Prevent environmental damage during armed conflict, 2018,BRICS Law Journal, 5(2), pp. 72-99, Jaffal, Z.M., Mahameed, W.F.