Research and Scholarly Activity Outputs

  1. There is a large number of faculty research that is published in the most prominent Arab and English journals. The faculty members also directed to publish in English in periodicals classified on the international level, and the Deanship intends to consolidate this trend.
  2. Paying attention to student scientific publishing, especially Master students, guiding students to choose topics related to community issues and contribute to its development, the percentage of direct quotation allowed has been reduced in the near future to 10%.
  3. Employing research activities to develop the teaching process in the college to create a suitable environment to achieve the aspirations of its students and faculty. Furthermore, development of scientific orientation to address local community issues and contribute to the implementation of comprehensive development plans in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  4. The University continues to update its research strategy. In order to enable the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies to move forward to achieve its vision and mission, it works on the following:
    • Provide funding for academic research to increase competitiveness among faculty members.
    • Connecting the research initiatives and activities and the University vision.
    • Encouraging highly qualified research initiatives that may gain academic recognition and foreign funding.
    • Improve academic research funding through participation in well-known international databases in addition the current ones.