Master of Criminal Science

  • Type : Graduate
  • Credit Hours : 33hrs
  • Language : Arabic
  • Campuses: Al Ain & Abu Dhabi



The Master of Criminal Sciences program supports the AAU’s role in promoting research and contributes to the sustained development and prosperity of the community. It is designed to help meet the needs arising for legislative professionals capable to handle the modern challenges.



To achieve distinction in the field of Criminal Sciences enabling graduates to assume key legal positions.



The program seeks to contribute to the AAU’s mission of the dissemination of knowledge and enriching original scientific research in the field of Criminal Sciences. It also supports the University’s efforts in developing human resources and meeting the needs of the UAE community as well as the GCC for specialized legal professionals who are able to keep up with scientific developments and accompanying new legislations.


Goals and Objectives

The program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhancing the students’ ability to conduct sound scientific legal research in the field of criminal sciences.
  • Augmenting the students’ ability to interpret national legislations as well as international agreements in the various fields of criminal sciences.
  • Training the students to compare legislations in various legal systems and to assess the possibility of using them in developing the national law.
  • Meeting the community’s needs in the UAE and GCC for distinguished legal professionals who are able to provide legal consultation and keep up with the social, economic, and political developments.
  • Developing the students’ skills in utilizing the various available sources of information and knowledge whether electronic or print.
  • Fulfilling the need for faculty members in the field of criminal sciences in the UAE and GCC universities.
  • Enabling distinguished graduates holding undergraduate degrees in law or similar disciplines to pursue their graduate education in the UAE.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Master program, the student should be able to:

No.Program Learning OutcomesAligned with L9 QFE Descriptors
1 Analyze legal texts and practical cases in a scientific manner. QFE 1,2

Assess various legislative, judicial and doctrinal orientations of the Emirati Legal system.

QFE 3,6

Accomplish in-depth legal research in the various fields of Criminal Sciences leading to sound results.

QFE 9,4

Prepare legal reports and memoranda using sound legal terminology and adequate research methods.

QFE 7,6

Compare domestic legal texts in the various fields of Criminal Sciences with their counterpart in regional and international legal system.

QFE 8,5

Suggest legal solutions leading to the development of legislative provisions to contribute to societal developments.

QFE 8,2


Job Opportunities

  • Practicing the legal profession
  • Work in Judicial positions
  • Obtaining legal positions in various institutions

Admission Requirements

  • The student must have a bachelor's degree in Law from the University of Science and Technology or a university recognized by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates or its equivalent.
  • The student must have a minimum score of (450) in the TOEFL exam or its equivalent.
  • The cumulative student average in the bachelor's degree should not be less than 3 or 4 points or the equivalent.

Graduation Requirements

  • The student has completed the course curriculum successfully.
  • The student has completed the thesis successfully.
  • The student's cumulative average is not less than (3 – 4).

Study Plan

Course No Course Title CR.H. Prerequisite
Specialization course (33) CR.H
(1) Compulsory Core Courses (18) CR.H
0302611 Advanced Studies in the Law of Criminal Procedure (30% of course content is taught in English) 3  
0302612 Advanced Studies in Penal Law 3  
0302613 Advanced Studies in the Science of Punishment 3  
0302614 Advanced Studies in Special Criminal Legislations 3  
0302615 Advanced Studies in International Criminal Law (30% of course content is taught in English) 3  
0303606 Legal research methodology 3  
(2) Elective Courses (6) CR.H (The student chooses one course from each of the following two sections)
Section One: The student chooses one course (3 credit hours)
0302616 Forensic Medicine 3  
0302617 Practical criminal investigation 3  
0302618 Expertise in criminal matters 3  
Section Two: The student chooses one course (3 credit hours)
0302619 Islamic criminal legislation 3  
0302620 Comparative legal systems 3  
0302621 Advanced studies in Criminology 3  
Thesis (9) CR.H
0302694 Thesis 9 successfully completing (21) CR.H (with min GPA 3 out of 4) including all the Compulsory courses

Guidance Plan

Course Description



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