Public Law Department



The Department of Public Law is responsible for coordinating, offering, and teaching many of the core subjects of the College of Law programs as well as a number of the elective courses. These include, among others, Criminal Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and International Law.


Department's Head Message

The Department of Public Law is a major component of the College of Law. The Department is composed of highly qualified faculty possessing the competencies to deliver a quality teaching in various field of public law. The Department foster research and support its members to ensure their achievements in this field.

The Department also values community engagement and is committed to the community’s development.



The Department of Public Law aspires to be amongst the leading academic departments in the country, by achieving high quality standards in teaching the various fields of public law.



The Department strives to offer a quality legal education in various fields of public law that prepares graduates to occupy different legal positions, thus contributing to the development of the community.



  • To provide students with the necessary legal knowledge and skills in various fields of public law.
  • To develop students research skills in various fields of public law.
  • To respond to market needs by preparing graduates who possess legal competencies that are needed to occupy various legal positions.
  • To develop student’s awareness of the importance of the role of law and its relationship with social life.
  • To develop graduate’s competencies to adapt the national legal system to the needs of the community.