Collaborative Research and Scholarly Activity


The College of Law seeks to cooperate with local and regional universities and scientific research institutions to strengthen its position as one of the outstanding law faculties in the region in terms of scientific research. Therefore, the Deanship of the College seeks to conclude memorandums of understanding or cooperation agreements with selected academic institutions, both within and outside the country, in order to develop appropriate frameworks and identify tools of cooperation in the field of scientific research.
The College is keen to coordinate efforts with the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at the University, in order to ensure that the direction and organization of positive cooperation in the field of scientific research, and take appropriate decisions and recommendations on joint research projects with the concerned authorities.
The college aims to benefit from the expertise of other universities and scientific research institutions in a manner that contributes to the achievement of the College's mission, and to strengthen its relationship with the community and provide knowledge and contribute to its progress.