Community Engagement


In support of the overall University policy for Community Engagement and in an attempt to give back to the society that has incorporated AAU as an integral part of it, the College of Law has been involved in a number of community service activities which reflect the level of conscientiousness at the college.

The events and activities carried out include:

  • Launching a website with the purpose of providing the society at large with Islamic ‘Fatwa’.
  • Inaugurating the “AAU Center for Legal Consultancy” aiming to provide the members of the community with legal advice on matters of their concern.
  • Organizing a “Cultural Season” whereby faculty members deliver presentations to the AAU community and Al Ain society members on contemporary legal problems and issues.
  • Conducting a seminar on International Humanitarian Law for legal trainees and faculty members of other academic institutions at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies.
  • Taking part, through students, in the UN project “Ship of Youth” aiming at strengthening communication among the youth of different cultures.
  • Holding an awareness seminar on International Humanitarian Law in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva.