Support of Scientific and Research Activities


Support of scientific research is one of the main objectives of Al Ain University. Research and scientific activities are among the main criteria for evaluating the performance of faculty members as well as teaching and interaction with the community. Research activity is one of the prerequisites for scientific promotion. Therefore, the College of Law developed a detailed plan that includes different research areas to ensure the participation of all college members from all disciplines in scientific research.
The Deanship of the College is keen to prioritize appointment of distinguished faculty members in scientific/academic research who have publications in respectable journals. It is also keen to develop and develop the college’s capacity support innovative and independent scientific research, through workshops and encourage participation in scientific conferences within the rules applicable in the university in this regard.
The Deanship, in cooperation with the university’s administration, is also keen to provide college members with the necessary technical equipment, technological services and other scientific research tools, as well as secure participation in international databases.
The Deanship seeks to ensure that distinguished researchers and college members benefit from the resources of the University research special fund and its activities. It also works to support and sponsor research groups formed by college members and encourage research excellence and publication of scientific books.