Expectations for Research and Scholarly Activity


The Deanship of the college encourages and organizes scientific research process in the college by creating a competitive environment for distinguished researchers among its members and providing the necessary support to accomplish outstanding research. The most important expectations in the field of scientific research are as follows:

  1. There is a large number of research papers published by college members in the most prominent Arab scientific journals. College members are also directed to publish in English internationally classified periodicals, the Deanship intends to consolidate this trend.
  2. Scientific research is one of the main criteria to evaluate the performance of college members in addition to teaching and interaction with the community.
  3. College members are encouraged to carry out the necessary research for academic promotion and supports the requests of college members in this regard. A number of faculty members have already been promoted in various disciplines.
  4. Attention to scientific research within the framework of master's programs, which leads to the creation of an advanced research environment for faculty members and students, which enhances the status of the college as a distinct academic institution locally and regionally.
  5. Holding scientific conferences that connect the college with the corresponding academic institutions, and contribute in offering scientific/legal solutions to issues of interest to the local and national community.
  6. Issuing a refined legal periodical that allows faculty members to publish their scientific research and attract serious research in various fields of law. In 2017, the university issued a refereed scientific journal, Al Ain University for Business and Law (AAUJBL)