Intellectual Property Rights Research Group


This Group aims to publish well-established well-known respectable journals in Intellectual Property Rights


Members of the Group

  1. Prof. Moustafa Elmetwaly Kandeel
  2. Prof. Ramzi Ahmed Madi
  3. Associate Professor. Tariq Abel Rahman Kameel
  4. Associate Professor. Mohammad Alkrisheh
  5. Associate Professor. Fayez Mohammad Alnusair
  6. Associate Professor. Firas Abdel-Mahdi Massadeh


Group’s Research Interests

Intellectual Property in General, more specifically Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, Geographical Indications Domain Names, Unfair competition and Anti-trust


Selected Research

  1. Consumer Protection in The UAE: The Trademarks Act in Light of TRIPS Provisions- Authored by Firas Massadeh, Fayez Al-Nusair published in 2017 in IJIP [International Journal of Intellectual Property Rights a Scopus indexed journal]
  2. Analytical Study of United Arab Emirates Copyright Federal Law No. 7, 2002- Authored by Fayez Al Nusair, Firas Massadeh. Published in 2018 in ALQ [Arab Law Quarterly, a Scopus Indexed Journal].
  3. The Fair Trial Procedure for Intellectual Property in Light of TRIPS Provisions: An Analytical Study of Jordan and The UK – Authored by Firas Massadeh, Mohammad Alkrisheh, published in 2017 in IJIP [International Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, a Scopus Indexed Journal].
  4. The Role of Intellectual Property Laws in Creating a Favorable Environment for Investment – Authored by Firas Abdel-Mahdi Massadeh, Tariq Abdel Rahman Kameel, published in 2020 in ALQ [Arab Law Quarterly, a Scopus Indexed Journal].
  5. Trademark Cancellation and the Impact on Investment in terms of Commercial and Administrative Law: A Comparison of the UAE and Jordan – Authored by Firas Abdel-Mahdi Massadeh, Moustafa Elmetwaly Kandeel, Ali Abdel Mahdi Massadeh, accepted for publication in 2020, in IJBER [International Journal of Economic and Business Research, a Scopus Indexed Journal].
  6. Arbitrability of disputes arising from patents: A comparative study – Authored by Tariq Kameel
    Ramzi Madi, published in 2020 in BLR [Biotechnology Law Report, a Scopus Indexed Journal].
  7. Is Criminalisation Necessary for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Jordan and the UAE? Criminal v Commercial Measures" Authored by Ali Massadeh, Fayez Alnusair and Firas Massadeh (work under Progress)
  8. Time Limitations in Criminal and Civil Litigation of Intellectual Properties: A comparative Study between England and Jordan. Authored by Firas Massadeh, Mohammad Alkrisheh and Nour Alhajaya.