Al Ain University launches the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Small Business Development Center

Al Ain University launches the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Small Business Development Center, which aims to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs among university students and graduates to give them the opportunity to launch and implement their innovative ideas. Also, for the Abu Dhabi community to start private businesses based on innovative ideas, and promote emerging businesses for future graduate entrepreneurs. The center also works to enhance communication between people with innovative ideas and those wishing to launch their own projects, and between entrepreneurs and local community institutions ready to adopt the ideas.

Launching the center intends to support the efforts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in order to promote, a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve prosperity in the emerging business sector of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. And also in response to the national innovation strategy hosted by the UAE to; build specialized national capacities, stimulate young talent and invest in the people of the country.

The vision of the Center is to enhance the spirit of innovation and embrace innovative ideas, through a commitment to provide students and business institutions with the development of innovative ideas and pioneering thinking necessary to establish a successful companyز In addition to providing education, training and scientific research on entrepreneurship and small projects, the center also provides necessary consultations for the establishment of start-ups and small projects.

In order to become an ideal and inspiring source for successful entrepreneurs and ambitious startups in the United Arab Emirates, the center works in cooperation with faculty and staff to build and consolidate a culture of innovation in all university operations and educational activities, initiating and pursuing targeted research projects in the areas of entrepreneurship and small business development with a focus on local and regional challenges.

From its belief in the importance of strategic partnerships and concerted efforts to achieve ambitious visions, the center will harness all means and provide all possibilities that would support constructive ideas and small projects. Which aims to serve the UAE community in general and Abu Dhabi in particular by building bridges of understanding and strengthening cooperation with innovation centers around the world and community institutions. To organize and hold periodic workshops and awareness sessions which would be presented by entrepreneurs and successful project owners. Which aims to exchange and discuss ideas and provide consultations that would contribute in enhancing students’ ideas and in return would develop their abilities to start in a healthy manner and successfully enter the emerging business market.



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