Law students represent their legal culture in the Moot Court

In a professional way, the College of Law students of Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, presented the Moot Court with highly efficient performance, under the supervision of Dr. Hakem Al Sarhan, and in the presence of Prof. Mahmoud Abdelhakam, Deputy Dean of the College of Law, academic staff and law students.

The issue focused on two murders and robberies that took place in a workplace, where defendants were questioned, and witnesses were heard. The court has issued a death penalty for the first and second accused, the third accused shall be sentenced to imprisonment with entering him to mental rehabilitation center. And finally, an innocence for the fourth defendants for lack of evidence.

It is worth mentioning that, the College of Law at Al Ain University is keen to develop its students and provide them with the practical skills necessary for them in their working life by organizing internal and external training courses in various legal fields, such as; the penal law, the law of criminal procedure, the law of civil procedure, and other laws.


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