Moot Court about Drug Possession

The College of Law at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) held two Moot Courts, in which the students of the practical training course mastered their roles efficiently during their representation in it, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tayel Al-Shayyab and Dr. Ahmed Fekry, and in the presence of the Deputy Dean of the College of Law, Dr. Ramzi Ahmed Madi, Head of the Private Law Department, members of the academic staff and a number of students.

Through these moot courts, the students conducted full trials in criminal incidents after being trained in the practical training course, knowing the procedures of criminal and civil trials, training on how to make inference records, and conducting the preliminary investigation, with the knowledge of the Public Prosecution, drafting defense notes, and performing pleadings.

The moot courts case revolved around the trial of six defendants accused of drug possession and trafficking, as well as theft under duress.

The importance of the Moot Court lies in enabling students to acquire the necessary skills to practice law in addition to the skills required for judges.

It is worth mentioning that, the College of Law at Al Ain University is keen in developing its students by providing them with the practical skills necessary for them in their work life, and by organizing internal and external training courses in various legal fields.


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