Hijri New Year 1440: Lessons from Prophetic Migration


The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a lecture in celebration of the New Hijri Year 1440, entitled ‘Life Lessons from the Prophetic Migration’. Held in collaboration with the College of Law, the lecture was presented by Associate Professor Dr. Maher Haswa and attended by deputy deans, academic staff and AAU students.

Dr. Haswa discussed a range of topics, most notably the relationship between the Hijri calendar and the Noble Prophet's migration to Medina. He summarized the lessons to be learned from the Prophet's migration, highlighting the importance of future planning; a strong vision; sacrifice and overcoming obstacles to reach desired goals. Dr. Haswa outlined the ideas and concepts symbolized by the Prophetic Migration including honesty, fulfillment of one’s duties and responsibilities, and the construction of the idea of a nation.

Dr. Haswa’s lecture also touched on the process of forming a new state within Medina, one with a unified idea of citizenship, underpinned by human fellowship and informed by a spirit and culture of tolerance of the different religious beliefs held by the city’s inhabitants.

The lecture reflected the centrality of the Prophet's migration in Islamic history, and the importance of applying the principles and approaches used during the Migration by our Prophet (peace be upon him) in our daily lives.



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