A lecture about “Legal and Social Drugs Impacts” at AAU


In order to spread legal and social awareness, the College of Law at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, organized a lecture about the legal and social impacts of drugs, presented by Dr. Jamal Barafi and Dr. Alia Zakareia, in the presence of Prof. Mustafa Qandil, Dean of the College of Law, academic staff and the students.

The lecturer talked about the definition of drugs, social and psychological impacts caused by drug abuse, in addition to the recent updates on the Federal Drug Act No. 14 for the year 1995.

This lecture comes in the AAU’s keenness to spread awareness among students about the negative aspects of the drug abuse and the legal penalties imposed on drug dealers and drug abusers.

An interactive discussion was opened at the end of the lecture, where Prof. Qandil praised the efforts of the presenters and honored them with appreciation certifications.


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