International Accreditation of the College of Law in Al Ain University

The LawCollege at Al Ain University has obtained the international accreditation of the Bachelor of Law from the Supreme Council for Evaluation, Research and Higher Education, headquartered in France, making it the first and only university in U.A.E. to get this international accreditation program.

The college started the accreditation procedures in 2014, and during this period, a set of evaluation committees, field visits and reviews, minutes of goals and learning outcomes, materials and practical training have taken place, in addition to interviews at the college level as well as the administration, students and graduates. The culmination of this teamwork led to the College’s international accreditation program from a prestigious Council for a period of five years.

On this occasion, Dr. Noor Al Deen Atatreh said that this provision is the culmination of efforts and hard work at the college and university levels, which represented a significant achievement and is calculated for all categories: the University Board of Trustees, Council of Deans, University Administration, teaching bodies and administrative members and students. This accreditation confirms the quality of academic programs of the university and its environment upon this provision, which is also a mainstay and of complement efforts in the final appropriation for the College by the CAA in the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

He also added that Al Ain University is proud to be proactive in obtaining this accreditation as being the first and only College of Law at the state level to achieve this, which would enhance the University's academic standing, giving it a great impact on the confidence of students and parents, in general.

Prof. Ghaleb El-Refae, President of the University, congratulated the College of Law, all members of the academic and administrative bodies and current students and graduates for obtaining the international accreditation from the Supreme Council for Evaluation, Research and Higher Education in France where it was explained that this provision is of the utmost importance that the college has achieved the international accreditation standards based on the quality of the outputs of the Bachelor of Law program offered by the University.

On behalf of all employees at the College of Law, Prof. El-Refae thanked all strategic partners, represented by the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economy that embraced students who worked with the University in achieving this accreditation. The accreditation has several dimensions, so that the first dimension is based on the faculty by enabling them to see the international accreditation and work through it, and the second dimension is reflected in the students that helps them and increases employment opportunities and for higher education.

Dr. Hussein Al Mougi, Dean of the College of Law in Al Ain University, mentioned that the college’s achievement of the international accreditation of Bachelor of Law from the Supreme Council for Evaluation, Research and Higher Education in France for the program is one of the most important achievements of the college and the University, which puts the College among other colleges that offer specifications at world-class quality and conformity to the standards as being one of the most difficult criteria for accreditation in the world.

Dr. Al Mougi was pleased to dedicate this achievement for all students and employees of faculty members and administrators for their wonderful and sincere efforts during the period of preparation of this dependence, and while tracking the Accreditation Committee visit, it has been stressed that this achievement was the result of collective work, including numerous loyalty from the Presidency Office, the College and University supporters of whom are wholly appreciated.


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