Zeyad Jaffal, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024839



Ph.D in Law specializing in Public Law, International Relations, University of King Mohammad the Fifth, Morocco

Master of Public Law, University of Mohammad Fifth, Morocco.

Bachelor of Public Law, University of Mohammad Fifth, Morocco.

Research Interests

Public International law, International criminal law, International Humanitarian law, International Human Rights Law,  International Relations.


Selected Publications

  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2019), Extradition as one of the Mechanisms of the Arab League to Combat Terrorism (In Arabic), Sharjah University Journal of Legal Sciences ( UAE) Vol.16, Issue 1, pp. 502-534.
  • Mohammad Amin Alkrisheh and Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal ( 2018)  Arab Law Quarterly Journal (UK), Vol.32, Issue 4, pp.483-500.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2018), Definition of the Crime of Aggression and the conditions for the International Criminal Court to exercise its jurisdiction in the light of the Amendments of Kambala Conference of 2010,( In Arabic) Sharia and Law Journal ( UAE University), Vol.32, Issue 76, pp. 315-384.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2018) Prevent Environmental damage during Armed Conflicts, BRICS Law Journal ( Russia) Vol.V, Issue 2, pp.72-99.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2018), Compressing Sanctions and its Implications in the UAE Regulation of Administration Contract ( A comparative Study), Law Journal (Kuwait University), Vol.42, Issue 1, pp 183-220.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal  (2017), The role of the International Criminal Court in preventing the Phemonmenon of Child Soldiers,( In Arabic) Strategic Vision Journal ( Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research), Vol.14, Issue 13, pp.8-33.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2017), Evaluating the position of International law on the issue of Child Soldiers in Armed Conflicts,( In Arabic) Dirasat Journal; Sharia and Law Sciences ( Jordan University), Vol.22, Issue 2, pp.161-174.
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2017) Legality of Anticipatory Self-defence in Contemporary International Law, Global Bussines& Economics Anthology( GBEA), (U.S.A.), Vol.2.pp. 28-41.
  • Zeyad Jaffal (2014), Legal system of public servant's Secondment in UAE (A comparative study) ,( In Arabic), Al fikr Alshurti Journal  (Sharjah police research centre -UAE), Vol.23, Issue90, pp.119-163.
  • Books:
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2018) Constitutional System of United Arab Emirates.,(Third edition), Brighter Horizon Book Shop ( Sharjah-UAE).
  • Zeyad Mohammad Jaffal (2016), Human Rights Law., Brighter Horizon Book Shop ( First edition).

Teaching Courses