Nour Hamed (Alrhoom Alhajay), Ph.D


Al Ain Campus



PHD in Private International Law, Rouen University, 1999

Master degree in International & European Law, Rouen University, 1995

Bachelor in law, Mutah University, 1993

Research Interests

conflict of laws, conflict of jurisdiction, execution of judgement, nationality, arbitration, international trade. civil procedures, contracts.

Selected Publications

1-    Private international law in emirate law, book, published by university of Sharjah, 2017.

2-    Judicial jurisdiction of disputes convening international air transport, a study in the Montreal convention of 1999 and the UAE law, published at the journal of law and political, 2017

3-    The nationality and the status of foreigners in UAE law, Dubai Police Academy. 2018.

4-    Mandatory Rules and their Implementation by the National Judge-Study in Jordanian Private International Law, published at the journal of law and political, Vol 11, No 2, 2019.

5-    The Impact of Artificial Insemination on the Nationality of the Child of a Jordanian Father Reality and Necessity to Regulate, Law Journal, Kuwait, years 43, vol. no.  2, 2019.

6-    Conflict international of law in Jordanian law, book, publication Dar Althaqafa for publication & Distribution, 2019.


1-    Court jurisdiction in disputes arising in air transport contracts, paper presented in the International Conference on the "contemporary issue in air & space laws", held at the university of Sharjah, from 22-23 / 2 / 2017.

Professional Experience

  1. Professor in the Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law, AlAin University, 2018 at now.
  2.  Professor in the Department of Private Law, Faculty of Law, Mutah University,since 2012.
  3. .Chief of the Private Law Department, Faculty of Law, Mutah University, from 1st September, 2002 until 31st August, 2005.  2010-2012
  4. Vice Dean, faculty of law, Mutah university, 2012.

Teaching Courses

Private International Law

civil procedures


international trade

contracts labeled

commitment source

maritime law

labor law