Maher Hussein Haswa, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133535


Ph.D.Islamic Jurisprudence, University of Jordan, Jordan

Master of .Islamic Jurisprudence, University of Jordan, Jordan

Bachelor of Islamic Jurisprudence, University of Jordan, Jordan

Research Interests

Contemporary Jurisprudence, research methodology in studies of legitimacy, rooting methodology of contemporary jurisprudence, contemporary doctrinal issues.

Selected Publications

  • “ The Comprehensive Understanding for Surrounding Conditions and its Effect in Issuing Legal Opinion in Islamic Jurisprudence.”The issuance of the International Institute for Islamic Thought,2009, Virginia, USA.
  • “Book in brief inheritances, bequests, and endowment in Islamic law and it has been working in law Alimarti,”Kuwait, library al Falah -.2014
  • The research titled (belongings legal judgment moral structure model of marriage divorce) was published in the Journal of Islamic Knowledge Issue 64 Spring 2011.
  • Search (landmarks of jurisprudence at Ben Achour) -published in theJournal of Sharia and Islamic Studies in Kuwait, Volume27, Issue Number 90 the Year 2012
  • reasoning the legitimate discourse (Nuss) and the impact on its interpretation -Toeselip doctrinal study judicial Journal of Sharia law number 57 month 1/2014m-the United Arab Emirates.

Teaching Courses

Fundamentals of jurisprudence, history of Islamic law and its sources, the jurisprudence inheritances, bequests, and endowment, personal status of Muslims, the Islamic culture, the jurisprudence of contemporary financial transactions،jurisprudenceadvocacy andmedia،religions and teams, the jurisprudence of worship, doctrine and ethics, social and political system in Islam, the Islamic economic system.


Expert and arbitrator in family issues with Sharia courts in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.