Ibrahim Suleiman Alqatawneh, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024848



Ph.D in Law, Amman Arab University, Jordan.

Master of Law, Amman Arab University, Jordan.

Diploma of Law, Amman Arab University, Jordan.

Diploma of Law Sciences, Institute of Research and Arabic Studies, Egypt.

Bachelor of Law, Beirut Arab University.

Research Interests

General Penal Law, Private Penal Law, Law of Criminal Procedures.


Selected Publications

Al-Qatawneh,I.(2013).The Validity of Police Dog of Criminal Identification. Dirasat Journal;  The University of Jordan.

Penal Protection of Public Health against the Effects of Pollution in the UAE Federal Law, Arab Law Quarterly , 

The Protiction of Minors in UAE Law as Persons in Need: An Analytical Study, Arab Law Quarterly , Scopus, 2019 , 33, 3 , pp. 247-276  

Criminal Enforcement of Trademarks in the United Arab Emirates, According to the Provisions of the Federal Act No. 37, 1992 and its Amendments (Analytical Study), The Global Business & Economics Anthology 2 (December), 171-179

Teaching Courses

  • Penal Law.
  • Criminal Procedures Law.