A lecture on Ramadan and Values of Spiritual Sustainability

A lecture titled "Ramadan and Promoting the Values of Spiritual and Heart Sustainability" was organized by the College of Law at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) to coincide with the last ten days of Ramadan. Dr. Maher Hussein Haswa, a Professor of Jurisprudence, delivered the lecture. In attendance were Prof. Amer Qasem, Vice President of AAU (Abu Dhabi Campus), Prof. Ramzi Madi, Vice Dean of the College of Law, a group of faculty members, and a number of students.

Dr. Maher Hussein discussed the significance of the last ten days of Ramadan and Laylat al-Qadr and highlighted various meanings that the holy month conveys, particularly related to sustainability and continuity in obedience, and the importance of renunciation and purification, which leads to spiritual and moral growth.

Following the lecture, Prof. Amer Qasem, the University's Vice President, recognized students from the College of Law for their contributions in organizing diverse events and activities, and presented them with certificates of appreciation.


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