A dialogue session in the presence of Her Excellency Naameh Al-Mansoori

On the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice, the Deanship of Student Affairs and the College of Law, in cooperation with the Federal National Council, organized a dialogue session entitled "Voluntary Work and its Relationship to the Consecration of the Idea of Social Justice" presented by HE Naameh Al Mansouri - A Member of the Federal National Council and a pioneer in work voluntary, and was moderated by Dr. Tayel Al Shayyab - from the College of Law, and in the presence of Prof. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President (Abu Dhabi Campus), Deputy Deans, Academic staffs and students.

Her Excellency Naameh Al Mansouri elucidated the concept of volunteerism, highlighting its goal of cultivating a positive personality and how effective leadership can encourage it. Furthermore, she discussed the different ways through which volunteerism can be executed, emphasizing that it exemplifies social justice and equality. Her Excellency also clarified that social justice and equality are interconnected.

The discussion session concluded with students posing questions and offering their insights, demonstrating their enthusiasm towards volunteerism and its beneficial effects on individuals and society. Her Excellency Naameh Al Mansouri advised the students to participate in volunteer work as it promotes the notion of social justice and instills valuable ethics.


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