The College of Law and the Deanship of Student Affairs promote the values of tolerance and positive citizenship

Within the activities of the Central Community Interaction Committee in the Deanship of Student Affairs, and in cooperation with the College of Law, a virtual event was organized under the title; tolerance and positive citizenship as a way of life, presented by Dr. Shafee Al Neyadi, member of the Emirates Society for Public Administration.

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, Vice President of Development and Follow-up and the Dean of Student Affairs, welcomed the lecturer and thanked him for his efforts to cooperate with the Deanship of Student Affairs and the College of Law.

In turn, Dr. Al Neyadi stressed the importance of instilling values ​​in the hearts of students, including the value of tolerance and positive citizenship, indicating that positive citizenship is measured by actions and adherence to laws and regulations.


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