Social Solidarity in Islam Seminar at AAU

Social Solidarity in Islam Seminar at AAUThe College of Law, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs, organized a seminar on Social Solidarity in Islam to mark the World Day of Social Justice presented by Dr. Mahmoud Al Kubaisi and Dr. Ma’en Abou Bakr. Dr. Hussein Al Mougy, Dean of the college of Law, as well as faculty members and students attended the talk.

The speakers presented the underlying principles of social justice in and its importance in Islam. The seminar also shed light on the foundations of social work in Islam and showed the compatibility of theory and practice by drawing examples from the life of the prophet (Peace be upon him) and the caliphs.

 The World Day of Social Justice is celebrated annually on February 20 as the gap and differences within communities around the world are wide and growing. Social justice is a social, economic system that aims at abolishing big economic barriers within the community; it is also referred to as Civil Justice sometimes. However, these definitions and classifications remain void so long communities have not safeguarded equality and justice in all aspects for all individuals.


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