Al Ain University has achieved second place in the "Emirati Talents" competition.

Al Ain University (AAU) has achieved second place in the "Emirati Talents" competition organized by the University of Sharjah at the UAE level. The students participated in the competition with two projects supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs. The first project was about innovating a tool to combat website defacement, while the second project involved creating a program for image analysis for people with disabilities. The students were honored by the University of Sharjah.

On another note, Prof. Ghaleb Al-Refae, the AAU president, honored the winning students as an encouragement and appreciation for their outstanding efforts. He encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence, emphasizing that success and distinction enhance the student's personality and drive them towards a bright future filled with achievements and success in top positions.

In turn, Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq, Vice President for Development and Follow-up and Dean of Student Affairs at Al Ain University, affirmed the university’s and the deanship's commitment, to encourage students to unleash their innovations through participation in scientific competitions. She mentioned that all possible means are provided for them to participate and achieve advanced awards at both the university and national levels.

It is worth mentioning that the "Emirati Talents" competition, organized by the University of Sharjah, aims to enhance competitiveness and motivate students and young people in various fields.


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