A workshop entitled “Social Etiquette”

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a workshop entitled “Social Etiquette” in cooperation with the Sea of Culture Foundation, presented by Ms. Majd Al-Tarabishi, a certified etiquette trainer.

The workshop included many topics, the most important of which were defining the concept of etiquette, mutual cultural behavior, the limits of personal freedom, personal space, the first impression, and how to leave a great impression on others, in addition to visual communication, how to introduce oneself and others, and how to talk to others.

She also explained to the audience the etiquette of a university student through a set of behaviors that he prefers to do, including being humble, avoiding cutting in line and crossing the middle, being elegant, paying attention to personal hygiene and general appearance, and taking the initiative to volunteer and develop oneself.

Ms. Majd also explained a group of actions that are necessary to avoid in body language, such as walking quickly, biting nails, moving the feet while sitting, tapping the fingers on the table, and others.


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