A Field visit to the Federal National Council

The College of Law at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus) organized a field visit for students of the College of Law to the Federal National Council in Abu Dhabi, under the supervision of Dr. Alia Zakaria.

The students attended one of the council sessions, which was dedicated to asking questions from council members to some federal government ministers, and the students got acquainted closely - in a practical experience - with the mechanism of asking questions from representatives of the government and responding to them, and they also attended the introductory meeting with His Excellency Representative Mohammed Issa Al-Kashf, member of the Federal National Council, where he explained to the students the duties and competencies of the Council that were defined by the constitution.

The visit included a tour of the students around the Council, which included a visit to the Council Museum and the Library. Al Ain University was presented with the Council’s shield, as well as a number of copies of the Council’s latest publications, including parliamentary working papers, conferences and forums in which members of the Council participated.

Dr. Mustafa Qandil, Dean of the College of Law, explained that the college pays special attention to field training for students, as well as field visits organized by the college for its students in coordination with the federal and local authorities, because It contributes to the students' exposure to some practical aspects, and to learn how to apply the constitutional and legislative texts in practice.


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