The Future Pharmacists present “Pharmaceutical Advice” to AAU Family

Within its events on the occasion of the World Pharmacists Day, the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain Campus organized an event entitled “Pharmaceutical Advice” under the supervision of Dr. Faris Al Dahyat. Where the College of Pharmacy students of the fourth year provided pharmacological pieces of advice to the AAU family by explaining the ingredients, uses and side effects of the medicine.

This event came from the University's mission and its keenness to improve the students' skills and enhance their self-confidence, and from the belief of the College of Pharmacy to train students and prepare them for the labor market.

For his part, Dr. Al Dahayat stressed the importance of the students' knowledge of all information related to drugs, methods of informing patients and the community using their applications, as well as the provision of pharmacological information regarding their medications and health problems.


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