AAU shows the Ministry of Interior's experience in knowledge management

The College of Business at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, has invited Prof. Zakarya Nusairat from the Department of Strategy and Performance Development in the Ministry of Interior, to deliver a lecture to the Knowledge Management class, entitled “Knowledge Management and the Experience of the Ministry of Interior in implementing the fundamentals of Knowledge Management”.

During the workshop, Prof. Nusairat addressed a number of the main aspects, the most important being the knowledge pyramid, which consists of data, information, knowledge, experience, wisdom, and knowledge types: explicit knowledge, implicit knowledge and value knowledge. Nusairat added that the knowledge strategy is based on several principles: vision, message, cognitive values, and goals.

The interactive session with the students debated the exemplar of the Ministry of Interior in this field. At the end, the lecturer of the course Dr. Ahmad Ghandour thanked Mr. Zakarya in appreciation for his participation.


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