Seminar about “Wadema’s Law” at Al Ain University

In cooperation with the College of Law, the Deanship of Student Affairs in Al Ain University of Science and Technology –AL Ain Campus- organized a workshop about the Child's Rights (Wadema’s Law), presented by Prof. Mustafa Qandeel and Dr. Tayil Al Shayab -Deputy Dean, College of Law for Graduate Studies. The seminar was attended by academic staff and students from the college.

One of the main objectives of the seminar is to focus and illustrate on the “Wadema’s Law” to enhance the legal awareness and legal culture in society. The seminar talked about the interest of the United Arab Emirates issued on children, therefore, they issued the law No. 3 of 2016 “Wadema’s law” to protect the child’s rights such as; the right of life and safety, the right to choose his name from birth, family rights, health rights, social rights, cultural rights, rights of education and the protection right. The seminar also discussed the sanctions set by law for each violation or waste of any rights of the child. They also talked about the punishments set by law for each violation or waste of any rights of the child.

The seminar had a good interaction from the audience who raised questions and participated in the discussions with the professors.

At the end of the seminar, the Dean of Student Affairs honored both lecturers in recognition of their efforts.