An justice scene represented by the “Moot Court” at AAU


Within the practical training for the students, the College of Law in Al Ain University in both campuses (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) organized the “Moot Court” with one of the justice scenes presented in a professional way by the College of Law students.

The Moot Court focused on a murder case that revolved around disclosing the particularities of drug possession for the purpose of trading. After examining evidence and listening to the witnesses, the defendant's innocence has been proven.

The College of Law organizes the Moot court every semester to represent a practical example of the real courts by playing representative roles, such as the judge role, defense lawyer and prosecutor, in the presence of students.

The aim of this court is to provide the students with the necessary skills to practice the work of judges, defense lawyers, and the prosecutor, developing the personal abilities of the students to display their ideas.

The Moot Court in Abu Dhabi was attended by Dr. Amer Qasem –AAU Vice President (Abu Dhabi Campus), Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Hakam -Deputy Dean, College of Law, Head of the Dept. of Private Law - Abu Dhabi- Dr. Iyad Abdulmajeed –Deputy Dean of Student Affairs. While in Al Ain the attendees was, Dr. Hussain Al Mougy –Dean of the College of Law- Dr. Ibtehal Aburezeq –Dean of the Student Affairs- College’s Deans, academic staff and students of the College of Law.






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