Yasar Fawaz Al-Hnaiti, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133664



Ph.D. Private law - Commercial Law - Faculty of Law - Ain Shams University .

Master Private law - Amman Arab University - Jordan .

Bachelor of Law - Faculty of Law - University of Mutah - Jordan .

Research Interests

Intellectual property, Commercial Law, Civil law.

Selected Publications

 - yasar alhuniti.2015.Legal Protection of Famous Trademark,Dar Wael For Publishing And Distribution .

- The significance of trademark registration controls on their protection in the Jordanian and UAE laws “an analytical study supported by judicial rulings”. Sharjah Journal of Legal Sciences, Volume 15, Number 1, Year 2018.

- The extent to which the UAE legislator was affected by the Paris and TRIPS agreements in regulating trademark provisions and their protection officer under the pretext of unfair competition, Dirasat Journal of Sharia and Law Sciences, Volume 64, Number 2, Year 2019.

- Legal protection frameworks for trade secrets: An analytical study of the foundations and justifications in the Jordanian and Egyptian laws, Dirasat Journal of Sharia and Law Sciences, University of Jordan, Volume 64, Number 2, Year 2019.

- The implementation of the new developments under the new commercial companies’. Opcion, law, 35, Special Issue 21, 2019, pp. 912-928.

Teaching Courses

- Principles of Commercial Law.

-Commercial Companies and Bankruptcy Law.

- Commercial Securities and Banking Law.

- Maritime Law.

- Intellectual property.

- Graduation research.

- Public finance and economic legislation.

- Entrance to the study of law.