Mohammad A. Aladaseen, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133227


Ph.D in Law, Bangor University, United Kingdom.

M.A. Degree in Law, Al-alBayt University, Jordan.

B.A. Degree in Law: Al-alBayt University, Jordan.

Research Interests

Commercial Law, International Arbitration, E-Commerce, Intellectual property and Consumer Protection.

Selected Publications

Consumer Protection In International Online Consumption Contracts: In View Of Uae Law - Volume (22) 3 - Journal of legal ethical and regulatory issues 2019

Teaching Courses

Principles of Commercial Law - Commercial Papers & Banking Transactions - Labour Law - Introduction to Law- ِArbitration Law - Legal Terminology - Intellectual Property- Business Law - Maritime law.


Member of Jordan Bar Association


Consumer protection in international online consumption contracts: In view of UAE law

Published in: Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

Jun 01, 2019

Al-Enizi Aladaseen

The accessibility to the internet is increasing rapidly nowadays, allowing the conclusion of a larger number of online international consumer contracts. Most national legislations handled consumer protection and internet contracts locally, as different jurisdictions have their own laws and regulations in that regard. However, there is no protection provided for online consumers globally. Therefore, consumers are in urgent need for protection at the present time where internet transactions witness a significant success internationally. This study covers this issue and its significance only according to the UAE law since it is very similar to other Arab laws in this regard. Therefore, the applicable UAE rules as well as the international judicial jurisdiction rules of UAE courts shall be applied. Such rules determine the cases which fall under the jurisdiction of UAE courts governing international consumer contracts entered into by state residents. It aims at determining the level of protection provided for the consumer by such rules and presents certain solutions that may raise the level of protection that the consumer must have, whether when determining the governing laws of contracts or stating the competent court to consider relevant disputes.


The Arbitrability of International Online Consumer Disputes

Published in: Bangor University

Jan 01, 2016

Private arbitration is often made possible by pre-dispute clauses and agreements whereby parties waive the right to solve their disputes by court. The doctrine of arbitrability addresses the questions of what matters may be referred to arbitration and who will be party to it. This thesis is a comparative study that explores the theory and practice of the arbitrability of international online consumer disputes as they function in two legal systems, that of England and Wales and that of the United States of America