Mahmoud Abdel Hakam, Ph.D


Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133544


Ph.D. in Civil Law, AL Mansoura University, Egypt

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law, Cairo University, Egypt

Postgraduate Diploma in Private Law, Cairo University, Egypt

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), AL Mansoura University, Egypt

Research Interests

Civil Liability, Real-Estate Warranty, Civil Contracts, Consumer Protection

Selected Publications

  • “The Effect of Renouncing the Engagement on Gifts and Dowry,” Roh Al-Qawanin Journal, Vol. 53 (Jan. 2011), Tanta University
  • “Fraud through Lying and Concealment,” Roh Al-Qawanin Journal, Vol. 56 (Oct. 2011), Tanta University
  • “Civil Liability for Renouncement of Engagement,” Journal of Legal and Economic Studies, Vol. 51 (Apr. 2012), AL Mansoura University
  • “Promise to Contract,” Journal of Legal and Economic Studies, Vol. 43 (Jan. 2008), AL Mansoura University
  • “The Effect of Coercion on Contracts,” Journal of the Faculty of Shari’ah & Law, Vol. 2 (May. 2002), AL Azhar University

Teaching Courses

Introduction to Law, Voluntary Sources of Obligations, Non-voluntary Sources of Obligations, Effects of Obligations, Law of Evidence, Nominate Contracts, Real Rights, Subsidiary Property Rights, Consumer Protection.


  • Member of the Egyptian Economics & Statistics Society
  • Member of the Egyptian International Law Society