Ahmad Aref Rabie Aldala'ien, Ph.D

Head, Public Law Department

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133536



PH.D in Constitutional law.Ain Shams University. Egypt

Master Of Law. Mutah University. Jordan

Bachelor Of Law. Mutah University. Jordan

Research Interests

Administrative.Constitutional and Tax Law

Selected Publications

- The Legislative Barriers To The Recognition Of Electronic Administrative Dealing And Their Proposed Solutions (Compartive Study),Law And Political Science Journal, King Saud University,2017.

- The Constitutionality Of Article 3 Of Jordanian Sales Tax Law No (6) For The Year 1994,The Jordanian Journal Of Law And Political Science ,Mutah University .Vol (7).Num(3),2015.

- Minsterial Rotation Between Legitimacy And Constitutional Violation (Compartive Study),University Sharjah Journal Of Legal Sciences,University Of Sharjah.Vol (15).Num (2).2018

Professional Experience

-Assistant Professor -Philadelphia University- Jordan. 2009-2012.

-Head Of The  Public law Department  .Philadelphia University. 2009-2011.

-Assistant Professor . Yarmouk University.Jordan 2012-2017.

-Head Of The  Public Law Department  . Yarmouk University .2015-2016

-Associate Professor. Yarmouk University. 2017-2018.

- Associate Professor. Al Ain university. UAE-2019.

-Head Of ThePublic Law Department . Al Ain university.

Teaching Courses

-Bachelor’s Stage (Constitutional Law,Administrative law ,Media Law, Human Rights ,Public Finance And Tax Legislation,International Orgnizations)

-Master’s Stage( An in Depth Study Of Political System And Constitutional Law,Tax Legislation (indepth Study,Administrative Law (indepth Study),A special Topic in The Constitutional Judiciary)


-Member Of The Jordanian Bar Association.

-International Development and Human Rights Organization.Egypt